Saturday, October 25

Finally left with two restless papers.
Just wishfully hoping i'll get better grades compare to the previous ones.
Horror movies definitely drove me to paranoid moments.

Oh ya,irritating spammers. Do you usually go around spamming at people's blogs and hide behind your computer like one 'coward'? You want to keep as anonymous. How nonsensical can this reply be? Gosh,don't make me lose my appetite by reading your nonsensical&absurd "spams".
& You claimed YOU laughed at my replies? Are you sure?
C'mon,the whole world is clear about you cheating yourself. I replied much with brains.
While you just repeating typing the same thing over and over again. Do you usually cheat yourself over and over again?
Can't you be a little creative? & If you're determined that endless spams gonna beat me down or influence my friends, you're foolishly wrong. Because, true friends stayed. And well, you did taught me a lesson bout those who really care and those who were not. Ha, I've a question for you anyway, does your shits come out from your assHOLE or Nose,ears. You people know why? Practically because the spammer's' is/are totally full of shits. I think hur, when you eat, all of us digests downwards, while yours digest upwards. Caused serious damages in your SHITFUL BRAIN.
Cmon. Give me more new ideas. And people,the ip address are all the same. Hey you, are you really that dumb? Ha. And don't you know there's a way for people to find out who you're by not checking the ip address. Can you kindly please put some education in your shitbrain.
You claimed i'm cheap? Slut? Oh. Well,Thanks for the comment, i shall search within myself which part of me contains those. Geylang? ha. You tried standing there before?Hows the feeling? You mind sharing with us? Oh may god bless you. Many people dislike me, And then? Who cares or bothers about that. Dont tell me no one detests you? Cmon. Speak with some brains. Don't talk like an uneducated spammer. Cause you didnt really did your part in beating me down by your "spams".
I seriously don't understand why the world contains such people. Repeating stalked at someone's blog and spam spam spam which are totally absurd. Oh i know why. Cause some people spent all the time at home. You knows what Empty vessels makes the loudest noise? Check the dictionary girl. Thanks for stalking at my blog anyway.