Tuesday, January 19

♥It's a friday night!

15th January,

On my way to town to meet up with love&drck, dragged khay along =x

After walking around at 313 somerset, went Waraku for japanese cuisine.
HAHA, this picture is cute isn't it! =p

We were famished by the time the food arrived, so........

Ta-daah, green-tea ice cream! ^^

Love is in love with my camera!

Testing out Iphone application~
Amazing, my samsung camera actually has this Night-mode function.

After the filling dinner, we couldn't decide where to head next, and ended up playing pool.

My 9ft skills totally cannot make it! =(

I fell down on that very night, happily holding onto the Polaroid picture, and boooo!
OUCH*, couldn't even get up on my own.
Don't know which idiotic fuck spill on the floor, and blame it on my non-friction slippers.