Friday, January 22

Doesn't mean anything♥

What does friends stand for?
Someone who'll stand by you, when you needed them?
Someone who'll laugh and smiles with you through thick&thin.
Seems like i'm always the one being left out alone...
Treating people nicely, in the end you'll always ended up with more disappointments.
Being there for them immediately, seems nothing in their eyes.

I'm really not in the right state of mind right now, ="(
Just want to cope myself at home!
I'm going nuts by thinking all of the negative thoughts that's rushing across my mind.
For now, I just don't wish to care any longer, don't wish to treat people nicely anymore.
What's the point of treating people nicely, and ended up hurting yourself?
Getting more and more disappointments...
When you're not feeling alright, you just wished to talk to someone, but aftermath the person said will call you back but in the end she didn't.
Sometimes, i just need a heartwarming text or call.
Am I asking too much?