Friday, January 29

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved ♥

Today, "Gao le ge da wu long"!
Was waiting for time to set off to school, and i realised there were smoke coming out from my cabinet.
For the next second, calling my mother to tell her about it. As I initially thought it was gas leaking. So I was very afraid&couldn't wait for the gas attendant to arrive.
In the end, i realized the smoke came from the garage, people spraying massive amount of pesticide =.=

Have been a really good girl these days.
Surprisingly, I actually did housework for mommy automatically.
I've missed two days of my tv drama, ="(
I'm addicted to shows from 10pm-1am, 3 different dramas! ^^
Things haven't been going well for me, my temper is getting much worst.
I just find almost everything super annoying!