Friday, January 29

Genngenn 21st♥

23rd January, Saturday.
Naumi Hotel,

Star of the night

It's been quite some time since we last catch-up, and it was really great seeing each other again! ^^

1 sweet birthday kiss for my dearest genn!
First to strike 21st!

It's quite rare to have this kind of chance whereby all of us have time for some short catching-up about each other

Pretty birthday cake, isn't it?
They seems really afraid that the first layer will collapse! Ha =x
I realized me&adelia didn't take so many pictures, for quite sometime!


My face is superb oily! =(

Crazy drinking games to kill our time before cutting the cake!

There were more liquor than the picture below, 6-7 different liquor. Gosh!
Whenever is my turn, I would just secretly drink a little sip by sip! Oops.

Black&White Theme for the night

I seriously have no idea what's wrong with my camera! =.=
Last but not least, I hope you like the gift&baileys! =)
Years of friendship, i hope things are definitely still going strong