Tuesday, January 12

First day of my last module!
The night before, i had a really very hard time getting myself to sleep.
Tossed and tossed for hours, only managed to sleep after the sun rises.

My eyes were sore-red and hurting! ="(
'Why am I cam-whoring during lessons?!'

Met love,midget&friends for dinner and we ended up at the coffee-shop for more than an hour? =x

Uh oh~ I think love gonna kill me if she see this photo!
Katong HongKong Cafe, I love their french toast!
Allan&his Wifey.
I The Vampire's Assistant! ^^
'How I wish Vampires really do exist in this world, or maybe the romantic love story of Twilight do exists in the reality........'
Don't you find that I really looked like I'm nagging at him?!! >(

Stupid drunk khay!