Monday, December 31

Meet up with bb & steve last night.
Went suki sushi for dinner & grandlink for pool.
I didn't even won a match but never mind. I had a great night with them!
All those nonsense & fun are back, woohoo.
Went to precious's house aftermath.
Drink a lil and catched romantic princess (i think) with her.
It was a great serial show. Wu zun is just so handsome!
How i wish i can just go inside the show & have some close-up with him.
Oh man. Im falling in love with him. Alright.. Stop it.
Stayover at her house, didn't really sleep & dragged myself home then bugis.
Was kinda pissed. I nearly went mad after quarrelling with my mum.
After bugis headed to central for dinner and home.
Tomorrow is new year eve & ive no idea where to head.
Ive so much things in mind right now.
-Gucci strap&bag
-LV vernis coin pouch
-Burberry small tote
-Coach black side

& many more (:
I guess i not gonna skip work next month just to get all my things.
I really hope money will drop from the sky!
Sigh. A new year is coming.
What a new year gonna brings? Im sure there's surely much more difficulties ahead.
Just gonna thrown away all the sadness that 2007 brings.
Stay happy & positive. Taking things easy.
I should just open up my heart to everyone!
Oh yea, i gonna catch some show right now. Bye.
Happy new year to everyone!
& especially ling, Happy advanced birthday! (: