Monday, April 27

I'm having a very bad day in school today.
Shit NEA, got caught and fine for 3hundred for dumping cigarette butt! :'(
There're others who threw too, why am I the only one who got caught...
Argh! I'm so fucking angry and upset.

I finally met up with two sweeties on Saturday after my tightening.
Baby pink still, I've no idea what other colors to change to, :/


Caught TAKEN, very thrilling movie though the ending is bit too fairytales.
Jiajia was making some noise in the movie which was hilarious!
The exciting part when the bad guy die.. JIAJIA: YES!!
The part when the guy was about to collapse.. JIAJIA: Oh no, please dont.
Don't you guys think that she's really cute? ^^

Braces girls, The Pink VS The Blue.

I'm addicted to both of my sweets(:

Schoolmates, Yangyang&Yuewei.
The girl who always create endless laughter for us.

Wynny&Tita :)

Eileen boey :)

Grace :)

P/s: Let's all get drunk and forget about our worries.