Monday, September 28

19th Birthday

24th Sept

Met my classmates for a celebration of our birthdays'

Missy Era, she's always the one that brings laughter to our clique.

Brewerks for dinner, Fish&Chips *Yummy!

Mr Melvinn&Chris
Double O, the place was really crowded&hot.
But the drinks there are really cheap! Aft 12am, 1 for 1.

Khay, the funny guy!
BB,thanks sweetheart for coming down <3

All of us were sober still...

I'm damn shocked when i saw the flaming drinks on the table! =(

See the difference? Ha, almost of us were high already due to the killer!


Mr Chinfan&Delvin

I'm a damn lousy drinker!

23rd Sept
Birthday blast at Shin with Carol.
The cake is freaking cute right?!
The two birthday girls!

Wynny,my sweetest love.
Chantal,Thanks for the cute cake!
Cecilia love.


Thanks everyone for that very night! I love all of you sweeties :D
Some overdue pictures~