Tuesday, October 6

Unforgivable Sinner

Well, I've been coping myself at home trying to figure out a better resolution.
Mommy&me have been getting on better terms though, just hope things wouldn't turn worst.
Friday is coming, I'm really excited cause i would be taking out my braces!
Another bomb gonna explode in my hard-earned money.
An amount exceeding 1.5k as i've been wearing it for less than a year. Ahhhh~
Hard-earned money=drink drank drunk.
Mommy's getting upset,pissed-off&utterly disappointed about it.
But what about my school fees,braces&my license...
I need a changeover in my life, a healthier lifestyle.
I wanna learn swimming,yoga,muay thai,art,cooking....
Gym? Cycling? Swimming?
A weekly program for me and myself.