Wednesday, May 21

20th of May, Tuesday.

Mom's birthday! (:
I had a great fall while carrying the cake and talking on phone to an idiot.
Fell down from the bus and knocked on to the curb. Damn.
But nevertheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

18th of May, Sunday.

Off we go for supper at teochew porridge.

17th of May, Saturday.

Met up with my little sis at amk central then off to work (:

Then went down to XiaoAaron's house for some chill-out session.
XiaoAaron & Alex.

& This is how he eat hotcakes.
Dinner at prata house.

16th of May, Friday.
Met up withe meilee at bugis.
& we had pastamania for dinner aftermath rushed to work.
This is her friend but i cant remember her name.

Eddie&co. Went to play mahjong with them at Alvin's place.
This is alvin.
Look at their shy faces.
Pi & alvin.

Pi is trying to act cool. HA.
Eddie, my big brother driving his cool lorry to send me home.

10th of May, Saturday.

Bugis with this little sis and off to work.

Eddie&co brought me&yvonne to teochew porridge! I think its superb!
Shy pi.
Yee mian. I dont know how to spell his name.
Pi trying to show his sexy butt.

My big brother!
The idiot that always asked me to look up the sky in order to hit my face!

9th of May, Friday.

Down to amk central to meet up with noelle&co.
Small aaron trying to act cute, dont kill me when you see this.
Xiangjie, javiour with his shanghai tang jacket and bert.

Look at her sexy tbk. LOL.
She'll always put this cutie in her bag.

5th of May, Monday midnight.

Ahjak&co came down yishun and look for me.
We went Mac for breakfast then to yishun dam.
This is his hotcake artpiece for me. Ha!

2nd of May, Friday.
It was a short sweet meetup with bb and noelle at amk central.
Then i'm off to work.

Look at her short hair!

After work, went to bangkok disco with gina&co.
Then went for 'breakfast' at spize.
This is jenny.