Thursday, May 1

Im a little lazy to blog.
Ha, been working like mad.
But im kinda proud of myself cause i haven't been really drunk.
Just a little red and i'll try to avoid.
Yesterday was holiday eve, full house.
Busy like mad. Going up and down like blahblah times?!
Sweating like hell. And i had a fall yesterday outside my pub.
Drunkards.. Sometimes i really wonder does drugs/alcohols solve all the problems.
Or its just some temporaily runaway.

But well, everyone have a story behind them.
Everyone have different troubles,worries in their mind.
Sometimes, people just tend to overlook things.
This few days, ive been noticing people walking and rushing here and there.
Different people walk their life differently.
Sometimes, we should slow down our pace and see what did we left behind.

Im loving this two girls!

After work, went hougang plaza for chill-out and pool/billard session.

I met up with these two, Ahwee and Ahjak(joker).
Ahjak using the bottom part of the cue stick to hit the black ball.
Did you notice that his cue stick is very very short? HAHA.
Here i presents, Ahjak, with him around. No afraid of boredom.