Sunday, December 14

Got back home rather early today.
Was out to visit Noelle, bought her dinner. 
Sigh, she looked drastically in pain, fractured her right hand and one blue-black below her left eye.
Others are all minor injuries but she couldn't find her appetite due to the endless prickly pain.
Poor noelle. It really aches me to see this little sister of mine suffering in such misery.
I sincerely hope that she'll recover in no time!

Had my first Btt on Tuesday, Oh god. Have a big amount of 'bangalas' in the room.
Did my homework very last minute and I failed! :(
Almost all the questions i studied came out but I still failed. Ah!
I realised my rashes are getting worst.

I couldn't wait to officially announce my blogshop but.. still haven't collect all the garments yet.

Dear readers, please kindly answer the Nuffnang Ad questions(left second column).
Efforts will be greatly appreciate! Thanks :)