Sunday, December 28

You got me this time.

You're the only one that knows me, love it when you hold me.
Let me hear you say, now I'll never be lonely. 
Look at what you've shown me, a beautiful love story.

All I ever think about is you.
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized.
Most relationships seem so transitory, they're all good but not the permanent one.
I'll step aside and let your sun shine.
While I follow behind Cause baby what you got.
You deserve all the props with everything I'm not.

It's like I've spent forever searching, Now I know that it was worth it.
With you it feels like I am finally home.
Falling head over heels
with you it's like the first day of my life.

You leave me speechless, When you talk to me.
You leave me breathless, The way you look at me.
You manage to disarm me, My soul is shining through.
Can't help but surrender my everything to you.
Ohh, Baby. I just miss you so..