Thursday, December 25

Merry merry xmas!

Hohoho! Merry merry Christmas to everyone!

Its just a boring christmas without you here.
I'm really missing my baby like crazy, for every single hour,minute&second.
I'm uber love-sick. He is only away for 3days, and my mind just couldn't stop the thoughts of him.
I just couldn't imagine how am i going to survive till 30th, or maybe 31st?
Baby, I missed you delievering breakfast to my doorstep regardless the hot weather or your sleep, sleeping beside me, your presence, natural scent and every part of you!
We may miscommunicate easily, but your presence is just so important to me.
Imagine, a happy festival without you by my side. Without you cracking jokes into my ears.
I just find things missing, I miss you trying your best to gimme surprises.
But of course, I don't miss you doing IDIOTIC stuffs and playing dota! Oops.
Ohh, baby. I just miss you so much!

Baby gimme this as my xmas present, He actually wanted t gimme a surpise. How sweet!

Clearer picture of one of the dresses! :)

She was really nice to drive me and ferlynn around and of course we went shopping!

The awesome ice blend!
The little pervert.

Amanda's chalet!

Look at amanda's funny expression!
Haha, Jiajia is really very cute!

iCosmopolitan Boutique shoot.
The make-up artiste.