Wednesday, February 17

4Days Tour- Malaysia

I'm finally back after 4 days in 4 different states of Malaysia.
Initially, I was feeling a little excited about the trip.
Perhaps a short getaway is always the best remedy.
In the end, it was just the start of the torturous days.

It's always good to be home, the toilets in Malaysia really irks me.
Meals provided were worst, day 1 till day 4 seems to be dropping from grade B- to grade F?

The long-drawn-out bus rides, ahhhhhhhh!
Simply can't live without my ipod while travelling
Beautiful Mommy
Day 1- Penang
Didn't take much pictures, as the attractions doesn't really attracts me though.

Day 2- Ipoh
Hills almost filled up the entire state.

The warm sun could bring you a burning sensation, but a refreshing sugar cane make your day!
The sugar cane in Malaysia is really savoring! MUST try
Once my camera flashes off, it will actually looked up!
Parkong Island, beach island and they even have resorts like East Coast Park.

In fact, i'm getting darker as each day passes by, the burning hot sun! (T_T)
GONG XI FA CAI, did you manage to get a lot of HongBaos?
After this trip, my relationship with mommy are getting much more closer than ever
Although we did have some small disputes during the trip, but I still love my dearest mommy!
Please, no more Malaysia Tour! =(
Why do we always have to travel during New Year....
& Surprisingly, we didn't shop for this entire trip!
All we did was pray and pray and pray around the attractions in Malaysia -.-

(didn't even draw eyebrows or put any make-up =x)

Did foot massage the night before, and I was yelling!
The aunty seems to be using all her strengths on me, oh god.....

Day 3- KL
Only hotel that left us a good impression is the one stationed in KL(Olympic).
Others are like....... But Olympic Hotel breakfast buffet only with very limited choices!

This is the only place that I wish to come back again, Chocolate factory!
Their chocolates are mouthwatering, esp their Durian Chocolates♥♥

Day 4- Malacca
I love Nyonya's food! Their food are finger-licking!

They actually fancy decorate it, some are really HAVOC, surprisingly even with Techno, Trance Music!
Historical attractions at Malacca.

Met plenty of really nice aunties that cheers up my day =)

There was this blur uncle who actually walk up to our bus and look at the other uncle smiling, thinking that it was his seat. He was still standing right in front of him smiling to him happily!
The other uncle was like "????!!!" Then he finally realized he walked up the wrong bus!

There are a lot of old couples during the trip, and they are still really sweet towards each other.
I'm really envious of them....
I wondered, will i even have a chance to ripe old with my partner and travel around?