Thursday, February 25

Once in awhile, clubs do a great help in releasing stress!

20th February
Casting in the afternoon, can't believe that I fell down on the rocky road once again!
God, i'm really super clumsy.... Luckily it was red-light if not i'm gonna say Goodbye...
Came home for dinner before i went out to mug with classmates.
After struggling for hours, decided to join Honeys' at Sabai Sabai

Was wondering whether to remove my make-up or not....
Ended up taking pictures of myself, Hahaha! =P

Look at my dark rings and eye-bag ="(

Well, it did a great help in releasing my stressful day!
As usual, drank a little and my face turned red.

It's all about being with the right friends, to bring you the laughter and fun of the night

Sticky Honeys!

I love all of you my little 'honeys'
Now, i've come to a decision... Not to perm my hair! =P