Friday, February 5

(I Hate Valentine's Day)

Casting, School and Lovelies

As usual, I was late for school for almost an hour or slightly more than that?
Ha, when i reached there, managed to finish my things all thanks to yuewei!♥
Taa-daah, off we go from class.

Ringed cheek for lunch before she headed off to town with her secretive unknown cliques x=

Trying to find a good position for us, and it turned out.... due to the Smile Detector!

Cheek, don't always say out my thoughts! I'll blush for sure, heh =P
I really wanted to head home aft cheek, but ended up Movie(IHateValentine'sDay) with Jia&Noelle
As we were still deciding which movie to catch, Jia was really reluctant to watch I Hate Valentine's Day!
It turned out to be a romance comedy, it was really sweet, don't you think so JIA! =p
Seems like we've drifted apart after so long, everyone seems to be moving on for their own life and busy with their own things.

As we sat there, reminiscing the past and it seems like i've plenty of fun memories with this silly girl