Wednesday, February 4

Ferlynn tempted me to cut bangs yesterday! :(
I looked damn weird right now.
I need comments from you people :'(

Had my braces consultation today.
Oh god, the doctor actually put something disgusting into my mouth and then take it out.
When it comes to my bottom teeth's, he couldn't take it out.
Then the situation was like damn anxious and funny.

Doctor: Girl, try to move your tongue.
Me: ...... ( trying to move my tongue )
First try : still cannot take out.
Second try : No still!!

I was really afraid that my whole bottom tooth's gonna come out together with the "clay".
Because the doctor pulled really hard but it's still stuck!
Upon many tries, Finally it was removed.
The feeling was shit. Hah, Thats why I'm still puzzled..
Should I get my braces done?