Wednesday, March 19


Stayed at home the whole day yesterday as i only reached home in the afternoon.
Didnt went home on sunday night. Mom was really unhappy with me.
But well, im a good girl today. PRECIOUS AW came to my house and slacked awhile.
Headed to ikea& queensway. Wow, queensway studs are really cheap.
Aftermath, intend to slack at yishun starbucks.
But the smoking area was full-house. So we spilted ways.
Went to find mom at 123 for shop viewing.
Mom decided to rent the shopspace there and then we went home tgt.
We talked about my studies and all. Mom strongly disagree me going to the Ite.
Lol, what a cute mom i have (:
But she's afraid of me failing my o's once again. Guess i really really have to work hard this time!
I really really dont want disappoint my mom anymore.
I just wanna shower her with all my love (:
Suddenly remember of the times whenever we went out tgt, people said we look alike.
Just like sisters and she'll cant stop smiling and thinking about it.
Well, i love you mom!

Anyway,i need you guys suggestion.
Which name sounds nicer?! Please gimme comments yea.
( Little Hair House, Indulgence cut, Shear Delight, Hair Attraction, Haircode )

Suddenly. Im feeling so upset.. About everything?
Myself, friends & many more.
The earth are rounding every second, things changes, people changes too.
Suddenly, just felt that everything seems so fake or wrong infront of me...
Friends that bitch infront of you, does they bitch behind you too?
Does they wear a mask whenever they're with you?
Ive so many question marks in me right now.
Its really hard to find a true friend, a friend that truly cares and everything.
Does treating people nice get returns or they'll jus stab you back?
I realised i changed alot, maybe to the worst esp;attitude.
Darn. I gonna free myself from everything so that my attitude wont turn worst.
Girls are like thinking machine and i shall stop thinking.
Jus gonna let grudges be bygones & live a peaceful life.