Monday, March 10

Well, have been going out ever since i came back from kl.
Kl was an enjoyable trip (: The clubbing&shopping, woo. It was really niceeeee.

Meet up with noellewong at central.
Slacked around and went down to boat quay for XiaoAaron's birthday.
But sadly, when we reached there. They actually finished 3bottles of martell alr.

They're so scary can. Only around 7-8 guys who really drink.
I suddenly realised everyone have a story behind them.
That caused them to become this state, a way to numb themselves?
Drank a lil beer and lepak around there.
Aftermath, gw&co came and fetch me to yishun dam.
Around 5plus went home.

I couldnt wake for my NAFA entrance test so i give it a miss. F!
The 80bucks just fly away. So shit but i only can blame myself.
I hope mom wont know about it cause im sure she gonna kill me.
Woke up, prepare and meet up noelle go bugis.
Shopped a little then went back to central.
Meet up with zs&gw while noelle went to find her xmb.
Went keppel bay which was a uber nice place (:
Aftermath, went yishun dam again -.-
But it was fun hanging out with them (:

Just meet up with panzy to take his poly's photos and we went off for movie.
Playboys cops. It was a uber nice show! Touching and thrilling.
Aftermath, slacked around northpoint and we were really bored.
So he suggested to play the plastic balloons -.-
Slowly strolled back chong pang and lepak awhile.
Here i am, home sweeeeet home.

And something is wrong with blogger! I cant upload pictures. Argh.

Just some random thoughts.
Kinda happy with my life now, friends,buddies,sisters.
They filled up my life with laughters and joy.
Superb love love to each of you.