Friday, March 14

A rainy day with a heavy heart..

Well well well, ive been craving for subway last night while i was trying to sleep.
& I sent noellewong a text requesting her to remind me to have subway for lunch!
I slept around 5plus in the morning and dragged myself up at 8plus.
Quickly prepared, rushed down & cabbed down to qrp.
We was lucky as the time was 10.25am, normally the officer will not wait as their timing is 5mins faster.
Alright, noelle cant get in due to not registered so i went in with deek&manman.
Aftermath, we headed to amk hub for lunch! We were all famished. & Yes, we ate Subway for lunch!
Then same routine, pool time. My pool skills totally sucks today, fuck shit.
All of us were sick of pool so we headed down to plan what we gna do next.
In the end, we decided to head town as i was meeting xian at first.
So we accompany deek go home change.
But when we reached there, we were all so tired & laze around his comfy home.
Till late evening, then we left for town.
& I didnt get to meet my stupid xianxian! Argh.
Anyway, we catched the Rule No.1 . Wow, i think it was a great show though its really scary.
Thanks to noellewong, insisted of watching that show yet she's like covering her eyes all the way!
& The whole cinema is like only me screaming like some mad woman.
After the show, i headed home while the others headed to amk.
Took this picture weeks ago, just found it in noelle's cellphone & where're we looking at!?
Im trying to act like jay chou due to the boredom.....Tay Demin(Determined) A new nickname given by deekie. He was really soundly asleep!
Ohman, noellewong(SKT). Stop acting cute! HAHA.
While planning where to go next .........

Alright, time for us to set off! (:
& Yes, you oh xian xian. I really miss you like crazy!
(Those pillow talks we used to have,the days when you always come to my house and apply mask for me & the cooking,your naggy talks & all!)
I really wanna meet you soon, uber loves to you! (:
Im very stuck right now, very..
Should i go for ITE,MDIS or retake my o's?
I dont think i can stay in ITE for long, it gna kill me wearing the uniform & waking up early.
But retaking o's is like ive to forsake almost everything(esp;nightlife)
& I really need great determination to do that.
Darn! What should i do next?! Im sooo damn stuck.
And well, i realised ive been really contradicting.
I really need some brainwash, and keep my mind at ease.
Cant i just fucking make up my mind and stop going round&round then realise it.
I dont want to have regrets but it seems like i alr have alot of regrets.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck everything!
Well, to me now, everything is sooooo messsed up!
Big big big sigh! I reallyyyyyyyy misssssssssss youuuuuuuu........