Monday, March 17

Im utterly/super uber disappointed in myself for not studying hard ))))):
Always fooling around and so..
Actually i thought of going to the ite but when i realised it gonna be a 2yrs course.
I immediately dropped the idea.
Now, my decision is set. I gonna retake o's this year.
I gonna give one last shot. Though ive the strong determination right now but what about the rest of the days...
Am i sure i really gonna stay at home and mug real hard? =/
Well, i think i really have to do that. In order, to achieve my goal.
Argh. I really really gonna stop my nonsense from today onwards.
Stop staying out late and doing nothing. I should start finding jobs,study&everything.
And yes, friends out there. Please encourage me.
Your help will be much appreciated (:
Please gimme some support too, LOL.