Friday, March 21

What a saturday! ):

Sucky saturday! Ruined plan ):
Actually bringing my nyer to a farm which he can play around.
But it was raining so heavily that have to cancel it.
So in the end, jus lepak-ed around tampines.
& Now im home, waiting for roti john!
Well,he was nice cause im really very troublesome. LOL.

Some pictures taken afew days ago! (;

He was trying to act pathetic as he wants me to go down amk with him. HA.
& There i am, at some part of amk. & some of the idiots danced.
Gonna post the video once i ask one of them to send me. It looks really stupid but cute la. HA.
Pathetic randal face!

I looked so fat right now! Gonna go on diet very soon. Darn.
I reallllyyyy love haagen-daas strawberry icecream! :D
A motherly love? HAHA.

Family photo & wheres NOELLEWONG?!

Sexy xmb with his boxers on.