Monday, March 3

Friday, went to qrp to visit denny with ayw.
Then headed to amk for lunch and i went to genn's house.
Aftermath, she accompanied me home then headed to town shopping!
Shopping did make me feels much more better.
Then we was so tired so we decided to lepak at some cafe as there was no early movie for us.
Slacked at gloria jeans, precious&her baby came to find us awhile.
They went off first while we slowly walked to the train and bumped into them again.
They looked really cute& sweet together.
Headed down to amk to meet up with noelle&bb.
Shockingly, genn's still with me. Ha!
No more movie so we decided to lepak around amk.
It was a fun night as all of us was like crapping around & having fun.
Aftermath, i met up with gw&zs to mount faber park to meet up with kairui&friends.
Then they brought us to some kuku places, lim chu kang?
There was alot of army troupe around searching for the terrorist.
Pathetic troupe,they have to stand or walk around searching for him.
Okay, then they headed to kranji dam and the scene is really nice.
Can see msia through there, i think can also see sunrise but we didnt wait for it as gw have to start work @ 8 the next day so we went off early.

Saturday, meet up with noelle&bb.
Then we headed to singtel, intend to buy the phone but need parent's accompany.
So forget it and its like i queued for 20mins for the damn information counter!
Its the same routine, dinner,pool.
I think im really obssessed in pool right now, everyday pool.
& everynight when i sleep, i'll always think why didnt the ball go in? Ha.
Catched the water horse, its a lil boring at the beginning.
But the ending part, its really nice. I even dreamt of it.
After movie, met up with pzy and lepak around shunfu rd till today morning!

I guess im really on the verge of breaking down.
Last night, i was trying to stop thinking by listening to techno.
In the end, i still couldnt hold back my tears. Sigh.
I really dno what to do next, its my fault and i should just mend it back.
But how am i gg to do it? Stress,stress stress.
Sometimes i really just hope there's someone who can listen to my sorrows&pain everytime when im sad.
And the person will always come at the right time.
Nearly quarrel with mom just now, sigh. I know im wilful and stubborn.
Sometimes i just hope someone can tame me down.
Argh. Fuck it man.