Tuesday, March 25

Saturday night, went out with rotijohn,kairui&co.
Yeah, it was really a great night out.
We went yishun dam then east coast then jurong.
WOW, i think the petrol for that day was a big BOOM in their pocket esp;rotijohn.
He need to send me back to yishun and get back to tampines then simei.
(Well, something happened while we're on our way to jurong.
My bag flew away at the highway. Luckily there wasnt any car.
& Thanks to you for not zipping your dick bag uh.)
I reached home at around 12noon on sunday. We actually went to play pool at 6plus.
And then.. We headed to some of the guy's house for mahjong session.
I think i really sucks at it though i find it interesting. LOL.
Aftermath, all of us was so tired alr so we decided to go home. FINALLY.
I slept till 1am the next day..
Slacked around yishun jus now & came home (:

I seriously need to hire someone to control me spending money.
I dont know how the hell my money be gone in just afew days.
&Worst of all i didnt buy anything at all! So shit.
My bank only left with pathetic 2bucks. Oh man. This is bullshit!
I still gonna buy present and all before fri arrive. Argh!
Can the sky drop some money down please! ))):