Thursday, January 3


Just woke and something happened -.-
Then it turns out to be me being nosey & gek kan.
Its pretty hurting but thanks.
Im just helping my girlfriend. Thats all.
You wanna put the blame on me then ive nothing to say.
Went to redo my hair extension and haircut last night.
Alright, but my highlight doesn't seems to come out.
Yesterday was a superb tiring day.
Didnt sleep for the whole night.
Thought going to work in the morning,suddenly jasline called and cancelled it.
Went to thomson for bak kuh teh instead.
& Ikea,city plaza,central,yw's house and home.
Lazy to elaborate more.
My headache is killing me! Arghs.
I guess i no need people to tell me what to do now.
I just wanna settle this thing fast.
A straight-forward talk will be the best solution.
Yes,sometimes the hardest things to say are the things that really matters.
I only know now, my mind is in a whirl.