Tuesday, January 15

Lalalalalalala. Happy or sad? I dunno.
LOLS. For now, i only wish to have a bed..

I only want to sleeeep! Im soooooo tired right now.
But happy to say that im at work. Hohoho.
I did went work today & yesterday.

Thanks to pzy, i managed to pulled him in but we're always late.
Yesterday was his first day, he was late for 1hr.
Today 1& a half hr. My highest record was late for 2hrs.
I wonder.. Will we be late tomorrow? Or we're skipping?
Results are releasing sooooooon )))):
Im still in a big confusion right now.

Everyday try to smiles , laugh as much as i can.
But i still havent find any solution to the problem. Oh nooo.
Ive to find a solution to my troubles sooooon.
Money,please come rolling to me. I need some shopping sprees again.
I think thats how girls vent their troubles.
Spending their money away like throwing away their worries & troubles.
I need money to do so much things.
& i think i wanna go to the beach soon :D
Pictures will be uploaded soon as im working right now.