Tuesday, January 22


Many things happened & i really realised ive to stop my nonsense.
I couldn't remember its on which day, i was very hyper but afterwhich i broke down.
Friends around me, cry with me. They're guys for goodness sake.
They actually cry together with me. Lectured me and everything.
Though they didn't say much but i know they felt hurt inside too.
That day was chaos. After crying and all.
I saw my best buddy bleed.
Imagine seeing your best buddy .....
Fuck, i just dont want to think about it but i just couldnt forget the scene.
But my heart really aches. I dont want this kind of life at all.
Im really disappointed in someone.
I already said what i can say, the rest depends on him.
One incident really made me realised alot of things.
Some can be trust, some can't.
I know all these while i disappointed alot of people.
Friends, families and everyone.
Im really sorry especially precious.
I know i really changed alot, from bad to worst.
What i promised you, i'll make it.
I dont wish to disappoint anyone any longer.
Its time for me to wake up and stop running away.

Day after day, i realised how much i actually miss you.
I just hope you'll sort out your thinking inside.