Friday, January 18

I really miss you,

Im trying my very best to keep my time occupied.
So that i'll stop myself from thinking about him.
How much he suffered inside and everything.
I just cant stop myself from thinking negative.
I dunno, i just feeling so down.
I dunno any other ways to vent out my feelings other than keep blogging.
Ran across the road, i just wished that suddenly a car just bang onto me.
So that i'll simply stop thinking.
Im still awake right now at this moment.
Have to wake @ 7 later.
I really need some rest, im tipsy once again.
Sigh, is this the only way to numb myself?
I just wanna shake that.
Sigh! I just dont understand why things turned out this way.
Is it all my fault? Im still feeling so confused.
Ah, fuck it.