Friday, January 25

Yes. Just fuck everything.
I slept for 18hrs. Fall asleep once i reached home yesterday.
Hangover at yw's house the other night.
Didnt sleep at all and we headed down to qrp.
Halfway, teacher called and asked me to wear uniform.
I was dumb to believe him and rushed back to change to uniform.
And we'll late, beg the fucker police for some extra time.
Yet he gave us shits. Lucky in the end we got in.
But was telecasting ( through a television ) but the duration was longer, 30mins.
I didnt really talk to him until the duration left 1/2 mins.
And the important part comes, just like those in drama. The tv just BOO, no more.
LL walked out of the room.
Now, what i can do is just fulfill all his wishes, take back all his belongings.
Afterwhich, went lepak and take results.
At first, i thought the result was still alright.
But in the end, then i realised it sucks.
Im really disappointed in myself, now i really regret for never study and all.
But what can i do, nothing much right now.
Only can persuade my mom, to allow me go to arts school.
FUCK everything seriously.