Monday, January 28

Ah. Fuck, staring at the computer for long can turned me off.
& Im beginning to emo again, fuck!
Days after days, things just dont seems to be better.
I seriously don know how to express my feelings out well.
But whats done is done. I also have no idea what to do next.
Im proud to say that last week, i only cried once while hangover.
Ive to stay strong for precious and all.
Argh, fuck. Jus dont know whats else to add on.
Im just sooo.. ))))))):
Mixed up feelings once again, lucky im out right now.
Mom cancelled my internet line, & im glad that i didnt pick a fight with her.
Stayed home yesterday, it was a long long day staring at the television.
New year's coming and yes, im going overseas! Woohoo.
First week of work ; not bad actually, just that im too clumsy.
Damn, i just hope my brain work faster.
And everyday is just about liquor,beer and toilet ):
I really miss him, friends around asked me the same question again & again.
I've no reply for it. Its pretty hard to say.
Everynight, i just cant stop thinking about the happy days we had.
Boo, things just suddenly turned out like these.
And yes, there's not sweet ending or what.
Whatever, i dont even know what am i trying to say.
Just drink and enjoy everynight.
But liquor keeps me awake in bed!