Monday, January 14

The hidden thoughts ....

Its already 2am now yet im still awake.
Gonna wake @ 630 later, oh man. I really need some sleeping pills.
But im happy that i slept alot yesterday.
Went east coast for drinks. I didnt drink much yet im very tipsy yesterday.
I guess im too tired already or shall i say too upset?
Vomitted alot, the last few times i felt like im vomitting acid.
Its so sour! Yucks. I hate to be drunk man.
The feeling's so miserable.
Went boat quay just now with precious. Met up with andy&alvin.
Slacked with them awhile and i can say alvin is uber lame!
He looked like the guy who acted in gangster15 ( the one who wanted to commit suicide ).
Afterwhich, cabbed home.
I seriously hate to take cab right now.
I reached home and the cab fare is 25bucks!
Stupid cab fare increased like nobody's business. Argh.
Went temasek poly on friday.
The people there are really spontaneous and friendly.
I forgotten i walked to which department.
And the people there welcomed us like we're some VIP.
Hahaha. But the food there is cheap & nice (:
I so wanna get in temasek....
Results is coming out soon and .....
I really dunno what to do after taking it.
I suddenly just feels that my life is a mess. A complete mess.
Lectured by my dad last few days & my whole mind went blank.
I asked myself again & again, what am i doing these days..
Or all the while..
I dunno. I only know now, im very confused.
What my father said do make sense.
I should really think hard over it.
But i don't feel like facing the problem at all.
I just feels like running away....

It seems to me that life without me are much smoother & happier for you.
Do take care outside. Just hope you wont step in more & more to your old self.
Think about your friends whom care about you.
They won't wanna see the same old you once again.