Thursday, January 17

Sigh, im feeling so up & down.
I dont really know how to explain the feeling.
Its just so weird. Went boat quay to celebrate ah ka's birthday last night.
I enjoyed myself there as the crowd there was pretty friendly.
Afterwhich,get home and rest.
I couldnt sleep again despite the liquor.
I tossed and tossed until 6 then i managed to fall asleep.
Woke by deekie's call and mum at 7.
Now again im feeling so tired. Slept for 1hr and later have to go down boat quay again -.-
Zy & me got warning today. We woke early yet we're still late by an hr.
I guess if i got another job, i shall run alr.
& the fucking pay till now haven come.
I really feels like going overseas right now.
Just one kind of escape from everything.
Other than beer&liquor. Thats nothing else i can numb myself alreadyyy.
I seriously think that there's something wrong with me.
Why must i always regret when its too late?
Why cant i just learn my lesson well?
Oh, fuck. Im just so confused right now.
I enjoyed my friends companies but when im alone, my mind just cant stop thinking.
Thinking about every single thing. I just dunno what to do right now.
I really dunno what the hell am i doing or thinking sometimes.
Argh, seriously just fuck the world.
I really feels like asking god, what the hell is happening right now.
Its like so messed-up. Is this some kind of experience/obstacle or what?
What should i fucking do right now.
I dunnnnnnnnnnnooooooo! ARGH. JUST FEEELINGG SO FUCKED UP.