Tuesday, January 8

Skipped work today, couldn't wake up.
Was late for work 1hr yesterday, i confirm kena aimed alr.
MIA for too long during dec and start of jan.
Its either i leave or they sack me. The journey is toooo farrrrrrrrrr.
Start work at 9, i have to wake at 6plus. )))):
Its just like the time for school.
Anyway, i gonna take up courses soon. Im like wasting my time away.
Should go for some interesting courses like baking or cooking (:
Oh ya, it reminds me of a call from my dad last evening.
After 2,3 years, its the very first time we joked and laughed on phone!
Im very happy though i still dislikes his way of doing things but he's still my dad.
He claimed that he wanna teach me last time but i refused.
Becos his cooking is much better than mom. Awwww.
I suddenly miss my grandma's cooking the most.
I gonna drop her a visit soon.
Im sooooo hungry right now. This new year, im going overseas!
No more hongbaos for me ):
Haven decide where to go yet but i hope it'll be some relaxing place where i can relax myself.
There's so much things i need to do man.
I wanna go shopping sooon! I need to buy soo many things.
Determination of working please comes to me so that i can have money to buy everything i want!
And.. O's results are coming out.
Im really afraid though i know i flunked it for sure.
But imagine, my mom's rarr-ing face will be soooo scary!
I should really give some thoughts about my future...